Friday, 15 June 2012

B Town celeb

Hey guyz.....How many of u know about my film?
Almost all knows.
How many of u will watch my film


  1. Hello Mr Sobti , nice to see you networking with a new fervour! wow claiming more netspace are we? well, just one thing rankles me amidst all this .. Barun has a much better grasp of English and his diction is way more sophisticated than a few of the latest missives from both your twitter accounts !Having said that , i heartily Welcome you backback to people who appreciate you and your very fine craft !! ..Now we just need to get you a brilliant PR agent .. trust me you need one :) and you'll be all set to conquer this new territory too :)!

  2. hi barun...i like your acting especially your style and way of look great in IPKKND...keep rockingggg!!...all the best for ur new film!!..

  3. love ur acting must say barun keep shining god bless yhu

  4. hiiiiiii barun u r the best ♥